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Visiting Us

Your Local, Family-Owned, Independent Vet Practice

We know not every pet enjoys coming to see us as much as we enjoy seeing them. To help make your pets visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible, particularly with dogs, we offer a “Meet the Vet” appointment free of charge for dogs and puppies (and cats too, if they don’t mind travelling ). During this appointment, a member of staff will meet you and your pet and then take your pet on a tour of the clinic to meet everyone and get lots of cuddles and treats. We strongly recommend making this appointment before your pet needs to come see us for an illness or procedure.

Additional things you can do to help decrease the stress of a visit to the vet:

1)  Bring your dog (or cat) to come and see us – but not only when they’re ill or injured. Bring them in for weight check, a cuddle and some treats from our staff. This can help build a good association with being at the vets. While Covid is still a concern, we would ask that you please wear a mask and just check that reception area is not busy before entering.

2)  Ensure your puppy or dog likes, or at least accepts, being touched. Handle their paws, mouth, ears etc., and make it a pleasurable experience by combining it with food or toys or other things your dog loves.

3)  Bring your dog’s favourite treats with you for vet visits and reward them for calm, relaxed behaviour. Giving them long firm strokes can also help relieve stress and reward calm behaviour.

4)  If your pet is especially stressed or aggressive, keep them outside or in the car rather than waiting in the waiting room. Talk to us about trying some anti-anxiety medication for your pet, while coming up with a long-term plan to address their fear. Home visits can also be an option.

5)  Get your dog and cat used to car travel by taking them on trip to places other than the vets and make it pleasurable by involving treats, catnip, or visits to parks, etc.

6)  Don’t make crates or carriers only for trips to the vets. If you can, leave them out in a place that is cozy for your pet. Feed them, or put treats inside the crate or carrier so you pet associates it with nice things.

7)  Stay calm yourself. Your pet will often look to you for how to react to a situation. If you are anxious and nervous your pet will pick up on this.

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