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Pet health plans to best suit the needs of your pet

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Basic Health Plan

We are pleased to offer a range of pet health plans to best suit the needs of your pet. We currently offer plans for dogs, cats and rabbits. We have two plans, our basic Pet Health Plan and our Senior Pet Health Plan. Most young animals will start on our basic plan, but as our pets age, their needs can change and we may recommend that you switch to our Senior Pet Health Plan at some point. You and your vet will decide which plan is most beneficial to your pet or if and when to switch plans. 

Our Basic Health plan includes:

  • Their annual health examination, plus a six month check up with a nurse.
  • Annual vaccine boosters, including Kennel Cough for dogs
  • Year-round flea & tick control as needed
  • Year-round deworming as needed
  • Flystrike control for rabbits
  • Microchipping or £10 off food or other service if already microchipped
  • Free toe nail trims and anal sac expression as needed throughout the year 

Senior Health Plan

Our Senior Health Plan is designed for dogs and cats from around 8 years of age and older, depending on the breed and other factors. We recognise that as animals get older their health priorities can change from infectious disease and parasite control to conditions affecting their joints and internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, and heart. Very often such conditions can go unrecognised in our pets as they are programmed to conceal their signs and symptoms to avoid showing weakness. The goal of our Senior Pet Health Plan is to provide your pet with a system to help monitor and catch these changes early, which will give us the best opportunity to provide them with the most effective treatments. We can’t stop them getting older, but we can help them live a healthy, active and comfortable life for as long as possible. 

Our Senior Health plan includes:

  • Bi-annual health examinations with a vet
  • Bi-annual urine testing
  • Annual blood testing, and a discount on subsequent blood tests should they be recommended by your vet 
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