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Health Examinations & Vaccinations

Your Local, Family-Owned, Independent Vet Practice

There is no substitute for a full and thorough clinical examination of an animal. That is why our standard appointment time is 20 minutes to give our vets time to address all of your concerns regarding your pet’s health.

Pets should have a full, whole body examination at least once a year to help detect potential health issues such as weight gain, dental disease, ear and skin problems, lumps and bumps, diabetes and other hormonal problems, as well as changes due to ageing. This is also an opportunity to give them their booster vaccinations against major life-threatening diseases such as Leptospirosis and Parvovirus, when appropriate.

Vaccinations are very important, especially in the early part of an animal’s life. However, the need for continued annual vaccinations can vary depending on your pets life-style and other health concerns. We will discuss the best options for your pet during their annual health examination.

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