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Dental Care

Your Local, Family-Owned, Independent Vet Practice

Don’t take your pets oral health for granted. Animals, particularly domestic animals, like dogs and cats are prone to dental disease due to a number of factors including traits we’ve bred into them as well as the food we feed them.

We want to do everything we can to help prevent dental disease in our patients. We would encourage everyone to brush their pet’s teeth and we’re here to help should you need it. Our staff will be happy to go over how best to do this and advise you in how best care for your pet’s oral health.

Should your pet need a dental, we believe a standard cleaning and polish should be affordable and a plan should be made to address any more substantial dental concerns for your pet going forward. High quality dental x-rays are available to help optimise diagnosis and treatment for this.

With proper attention and care, much of the damage that dental disease causes can be avoided.

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